single shaft shredder is firm and durable.The machine adopts knife rolls structure with 
dense platoon small bit, and was equipped with compulsion feed by push yard lumber 
and so on, it has the follows merits: slow-speed rotation, low noise, big torque, 
highly effective energy conservation.
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This machine is equipped with the over-load protection of machinery and the 
electric appliance over-load protection. Suits for recycling each kind of material 
of solid body, difficult to process , the plastic container, and plastic barrel, the 
plastic film, the textile fiber, the paper and so on.Forbid thowing metal goods 
into shredder.This machine only uses in the crush of nonmetallic material,
if the user want to crush other materials please beforehand do consult with 
this company or the dealer, in order to avoid damages the machine.



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