HICLOVER now offer a full range of containerized incineration systems, 

placing us at the forefront of the latest transportation and industrial trends. 

Containerization enables immediate waste management as the units are pre-assembled and pre-installed.

Containerization is the most feasible and viable option in contrast to the construction 

of on-site facilities and housing structures, eliminating the man power and 

costs involved. The system has the added benefit of total mobility

 (both local and international), and is ideal for military and civil camps 

and remote locations where infrastructure is scarce.


Main Feature:

— Double Combustion Chamber

— Double Italy Burner

–Burning Rate: 10-100kgs per hour

–Combustion Chamber: 0.1M3-1.2M3

— Mobile Incinerator, Standard shipping containers, Easy to move/transport system

— Free Installation, Pre-installed incinerator, Ideal for camps

— Ultraviolet lamp sterilization inside

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Model YD-30 
Burning Rate 

average 30 kgs/hour
Feed Capacity average 40 kgs
Paimary Combustion Chamber 200 Liters
Secondary Combustion Chamber 100 Liters
Mix Combustion Chamber Yes
Feed Mode Manual
Voltage 220V
Power 0.59Kw
Fuel Type Diesel Oil
Burner Italy Original
Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil) average 13.3 kg/hour
Gas Consumption (Natural Gas) ***
Internal Dimensions 80 x 50 x 50cm (paimary chamber)
External Dimensions 125 x 90 x 180cm (without chimney)
Temperature Monitor Yes
Oil Tank Capacity(if oil fuel) 60 Liters
Door Opening 40 x 40cm
Chimney Length 1.0 Meters
Chimney Type Stainless Steel
Equipment Gross Weight 1500 kgs
Operation Technical Specifications
Paimary Chamber Temperature 800–1000
Secondary Chamber Temperature 1000-1200
Residency Time 2.0 Sec.
Burning Efficiency 98%
Waste Lower Calorific Power 3000Kcal



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